Thursday, July 19, 2012

In the Middle East, are we our own worst enemy?

Obama’s inexperienced blundering has made a bad situation worse

In a lengthy and detailed analysis, the Washington Post explains “where Obama failed” in the Middle East 

For a brief synopsis of the article, read Paul Mirengoff: “That Obama failed is a given.  As the Post puts it: ‘After a year and a half of politically costly pressure on Israel, Obama had nothing to show for it, except far less capital to work with at home and a damaged reputation among the Middle East veterans directly involved.’ Why Obama failed is not difficult to explain. As the Post’s article makes clear, Obama was clueless about the Middle East…Thus has our ‘smartest president’ turned out to be one of our most foolish…”  Read more here

Barry Rubin explains how one-sided media coverage obscures the factors involved in Obama’s failure 

“The bottom line is that there are only two permitted mainstream media positions: Either it is all Israel’s fault or it is simply an issue that is too tough and complex to resolve.” Read more here

We turn our backs on our only reliable ally in the Middle East, in order to gain…what? 

Diana West on the continued exclusion of Israel from the Global Counterterrorism Forum: “The best way to counter terrorism, the Obama administration has decided, is to counter it without Israel…Eleven member-states -- slightly more than one-third of the organization's membership - belong to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a bloc of 56 Islamic countries working to impose Islamic law (Sharia) on the world. Six of those 11 members additionally belong to the Arab League. Both groups have defined ‘terrorism’ to exclude Israelis (and sometimes U.S. soldiers) as victims, and ‘terrorists’ to exclude groups dedicated to the destruction of Israel, such as Hamas and Hezbollah…All we have to do is see things the way the Islamic world does; pretend things like Israel don't exist (just as maps in Arab countries already indicate); and pretend that Islam has no role in the global jihad against Israel and the wider West…Our institutions now see the world from the Islamic perspective; and, as far as the sharks go, we're next.” 

With all the focus on the failed economic policies, are we overlooking other colossal failures?

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