Monday, July 9, 2012

What Obamacare won't fix

In exchange for one of the largest tax increases in history, we will get…what?

Penalty or tax?  Some people don’t care, since they won’t pay it anyway

As illustrated on this Time Magazine flow chart (look under “Rules of the Mandate” at right), some people will be excused from paying the tax/penalty – including “undocumented immigrants” (a.k.a. illegal aliens), people in jail, or people who don’t work enough to earn a reasonable income.  These people, among others, will continue getting a free ride at taxpayer expense. See chart here

Here’s a closer look at two of those who will still be free-riding, courtesy of taxpayers

“Two homeless men in Fresno have called for an ambulance an average of nearly twice a day for more than a year, racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs and even more when they get to a hospital. They are Fresno County's highest-volume ambulance users -- "frequent fliers" as they are called in the business -- and their 1,363 combined trips made up 1.34% of all American Ambulance calls in the county last year.”  Read more here

And unions continue to block reasonable measures to cut costs

“The largest privatization venture undertaken by Florida’s prison system is in peril, and when the new fiscal year begins Sunday, it might be doomed, in another political victory for organized labor.”  Read more here

Over 2700 pages, and none of this was addressed? 

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