Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Democrats want us to forget

It’s pretty obvious why Democrats want to avoid discussing the past three years, but their problems with history go back farther than that.

Bryan Jacoutot reminds us of why we don’t hear a lot about Obama’s pre-White-House days, and why Obama is foolish to bring up the past.

“The President appears intent on focusing attention away from his record in the Oval Office, and on to Romney’s past. But both candidates have a past…” Read more here

But the President isn’t the only Democrat who would like us to forget about the past 

Some members of the Cherokee Nation would like us to remember Elizabeth Warren’s past, and how she benefited from claiming Cherokee ancestry.  Then consider her indifference to the ongoing history of the REAL Cherokees.  Read more here and watch their video here

In fact, there’s quite a lot of history to be ashamed of in the Democrat party 

Kevin Williamson offers a detailed discussion of historical arguments against the popular notion that Democrats are the party of civil rights.  “…the Democrats have been allowed to rhetorically bury their Bull Connors, their longstanding affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan, and their pitiless opposition to practically every major piece of civil-rights legislation for a century. Republicans may not be able to make significant inroads among black voters in the coming elections, but they would do well to demolish this myth nonetheless… Indeed, Democrats who argue that the best policies for black Americans are those that are soft on crime and generous with welfare are engaged in much the same sort of cynical racial calculation President Johnson was practicing when he informed skeptical southern governors that his plan for the Great Society was ‘to have them n***ers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.’  Johnson’s crude racism is, happily, largely a relic of the past, but his strategy endures…”  Read more here  

The past three years offer ample reasons why Democrats don’t deserve your vote in 2012, but if you want more, try going back a bit farther than that.

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