Monday, June 18, 2012

What am I doing here?

It's no secret that a huge chunk of traditional media outlets have a liberal bias. A lot of significant news stories don't grab the big headlines.

This blog is produced by a Republican, and is intended for a conservative audience. I'll include three daily links to recent news events, op-ed pieces, blog posts and other item from various sources. My goal is to focus on content that might otherwise escape your notice, and perhaps introduce you to blogs, publications and authors you might like to follow.

I'll concentrate primarily on items that are especially relevant to the upcoming elections, hoping it will motivate us all to take action to influence the outcomes on local and national levels. A great many of these will come from the Washington Examiner because that is one of my local papers, but I'll also link to other sources including blogs. All links to credible sources are welcome; feel free to add your own links in the comments, which will be moderated.

*No comments from trolls, rumor-mongering for or against any candidate, or gratuitous ad hominem attacks on anyone will be posted.*

Please share the blog with any other readers who might want to read it, especially those who haven't yet made up their minds about the candidates and issues in this election.  Please DON'T share this blog with people who disagree and will only get angry and attack.

Today's three links:

Noemie Emery on the right and wrong way to beat Obama:

"Obama isn't a Kenyan, a Muslim, or alien presence. He's something worse than all that: He's a failure. And that should be more than enough."  read more here 

John Hinderaker on yet another recent power grab by Obama:

"Now we have President Obama announcing that he will selectively stop enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, where he thinks that such non-enforcement will be politically advantageous to him. What is remarkable about this particular instance is that Obama has previously stated that he has no legal authority to do what he did last week. No matter. Rule of law? That’s for the Republicans."

Susan Ferrechio on yet another dubious use of your taxpayer dollars:

"What does sparkly styling spray for dogs have to do with the 2012 farm bill?  It's among the thousands of products U.S. taxpayers are subsidizing through little-known programs that have been embedded in the farm legislation for decades and that lawmakers are now fighting to extinguish."   read more here 

Can we really afford NOT to get involved in politics this year?  What are the most politically disturbing stories you've read recently?


  1. Julia -

    What a terrific idea for a blog!

    I must admit that I am not as involved (or informed) as I'd like to be, so it is a blessing to have someone else do the research and work while I reap the benefits.

    Welcome to blogging!

  2. Thanks, Barb! I guess being a librarian gives me a natural tendency to have research as a hobby - it doesn't feel like work to me. I eat, sleep and breathe reading from so many sources that the hard part is picking what to share.