Friday, June 29, 2012

Stuff we would rather not know

Ignorance might be bliss temporarily, but it does a lot of damage in the long run

What’s all this fuss about Fast and Furious? 

For an explanation about the issues involved, listen to the NPR interview with attorney John Hinderaker:  “This is why the ATF whistle-blowers who eventually brought the program to light thought it was not just misguided, but crazy: they could see no possible law enforcement justification for letting thousands of guns walk into the hands of drug gangs.” Read more here

How much is 15.8 trillion?  You don’t want to know

“Consider this: If you have a briefcase full of $100 bills, you'd have roughly $1 million. Few of us have ever seen that much money in one place, but we can at least imagine what it looks like. But a trillion dollars in $100 bills would weigh 22 million pounds!”  Read more here

And where did some of this 15.8 trillion go?  You don't want to know that, either

Did you know that low-income people can use SNAP (food stamps) to buy soda pop and candy?  But not multivitamins?  Well, it gets worse.  65-year-old convenience store clerk Jackie Whiton just lost her job for refusing to take an EBT card to pay for cigarettes.  The foster mother of the would-be cigarette buyer complained.  (If he’s old enough to buy cigarettes, does he need a foster mother?)  “Whiton said she does not object to using the programs for food assistance, but does not think a person should be able to use public funds to buy cigarettes. 'They can’t even buy toilet paper with the EBT grocery cards but they can buy beer and cigarettes with the EBT cash cards,' Whiton said, 'Go figure.'"  Read more here

What news stories bother you the most? 

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