Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We may as well laugh

Time again for some mid-week humor. 

Enjoy these stories from the Onion, America’s go-to source for the most authentic take on current events

Putting the "secret" back in the Secret Service 

“The alleged misconduct of Secret Service personnel accused of soliciting prostitutes in Colombia last month did not at any time compromise President Obama's security, longtime White House adviser Madame Chartreuse said during a press conference today.”    Read more here

A must-read for those wondering whether they have the power to make a difference

“Spurred into action by the surge of Super PAC donations ahead of November's general election, the American people this week collectively managed to raise $945.23 to offset the influence of corporate spending on politics.”   Read more here

To bring some bipartisan balance to this blog, we present the Onion’s take on where things stand (clearly inspired by the spirit of mainstream media coverage) 

"I like Money Man’s views on the economy and on money. However, you have to hand it to Black Guy for finally tracking down and killing bin Laden. And I like his wife, Black Lady, too."…"Food Man from New Jersey or The Woman would have been more in line with my sensibilities, but there's still a good chance Money Man will pick one of the two as his running mate," Ohio voter Margaret Yaster told reporters. "Besides, for me, pretty much any Republican would be better than Black Guy. Even Pizza Black Guy."  Read more here

Have you read a news story that made you laugh out loud? 
If so, send it in.  We need all the laughs we can get.

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