Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

In Michigan, some desperate tactics.

 “…while both sides enjoy a good, loud demonstration, it's generally acknowledged that paying people to protest is a form of cheating — which explains why the Obama campaign was quick to distance themselves from the group.”   Read more here

In the DC area, some fast drivers.

Does your local government issue SUVs to its employees who drive recklessly?  Or for that matter, to anyone?  Why don’t they use economy cars since they’re all in deep debt?  Read more here

In Wisconsin, some sore losers.

John Hinderaker gives us a good reminder of why we should mind our social media manners when commenting on the other party, and why we should appreciate Scott Walker’s gutsy stand against union bullies.  WARNING: PROFANE AND OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE.  Read more here if you can take the nasty talk

How do you feel about the upcoming election? 
Do you plan to do anything to influence the outcome?

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