Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh, the IRONY!

Convicted tax and drug criminal Marion Barry lectures the DC Council on ethics. 
Barry declares,“We are the laughingstock of the nation.” Read more here

Less than four years after George W. Bush endured relentless, often vicious criticism, his detractors have decided that we need to cut Presidents some slack nowadays – at least, if they are Democrats. 
Paul Mirengoff writes: Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post frets that it may not be possible for any president to succeed in the modern world of politics. Did Cillizza raise this question when George W. Bush’s presidency encountered serious difficulty? I don’t recall him doing so.”  Read more here

Multi-millionaire entertainers obsess about Mitt Romney’s financial success. 
According toDan Gainor, Journalists and Hollywood all want to pretend they were one with the common man. They aren’t...They are part of the elite in both wealth and access. They don’t care about Romney’s wealth. They care that he is not on their team.” Read more here

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